The staff was very friendly and super accommodating. They were able to provide a 1 day turn around with great results and had a car for me to use until mine was fixed.

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/24/2017

I called Yingling's because I had friends in Southwest Topeka that had an old convertible restored and the were pleased with the work and the people. I used to do my own mechanic work all of my life, since I moved to Topeka with my son in 2008, I have been finding it harder and harder to do the physical things required, laying on a creeper, even using wrenches on tight bolts, reaching back into tight spaces on these later model cars, tears my arms up in nothing flat. I told the guy on the phone, "I am a idiot, and I have a problem", he said something like, tell me about it and we will see if we can help! I told him I had bought a rebuilt starter for my 97 Park Avenue thinking I could put it on myself. After about 30 min on the creeper under the car, I got so sick I wasn't sure I could make it back in the house. I called the next morning and asked if Yingling's would put the starter on and how much would it cost? I told him I know shops don't like to put the customers parts on, for various reasons, some legitimate and some just to rip the customer off. I told him where I bought the starter and about what I paid for it, and he looked up the labor flat rate, He said you are right we don't usually put customer parts on, but your circumstances seem to merit a little help, and we can put your starter on for 168 and change. I said I think I have enough in my account to cover that, when can you do it? He said they could do it that day, I told him I thought I could have the car there by 11 AM. I made it there about 15 min before 11 AM, I backed the car into a parking spot, and locked it up with it running, (since that was the problem, it wouldn't start hot). I went in the office to check in, he double checked all the info from my call in, asked a few more questions, the told me the price was wrong, it should have been 180 something. I told him about my phone call setting up the appointment and after he understood the circumstances he said don't worry about it we will do it for the stated price, not a problem. Then we went out to look at the car, I explained about all of the things that don't work, driver window, outside driver door handle. He told me to shut it off, I gave him the keys and said it might not start hot, that was the reason for me buying the starter. I told him that the car electronics only registered 11.1 volts with the key on but my multi meter registered 13.7 at the battery terminals. I told him the car started fairly easily that morning after I had the battery disconnected the day before. It started hot for him but it was quite a strain. He ask if I had a hour or so free? I said I guess, he said we can get someone right on it and you can drive it out of here, I said sounds good to me. A little after noon it was done. It starts so easy now that you can't hardly get the key turned back to run in time. Actually I have saw a lot of new cars that started harder than this one does now. Paul

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/23/2017

I received amazing and prompt service. They have a very friendly staff and are excellent at their jobs. Brian Tefft did a great job and got me in and out with no hassle at all.

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/20/2017

Y'all are tops in car care, and treat all customers as family!

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/15/2017

Helpful, quick communication and work.

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/15/2017

I was just in town for a couple of days and had my headlight warning light go off. Well, both of my in laws live on the north side, but i remember the Yingling name from years ago when i lived there so i called and they got me in and out within 30 minutes. I highly recommend them Oh, did I mention that I have a foreign car?

5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/2/2017

Nice Job, quick, and quality front end alignment. Thank You John O'Dell

4.5 Yingling's Auto Service 6/2/2017

Great customer service!

5 Yingling's Auto Service 5/23/2017

I had my car in and I love the service, and Pete is very good at going over what the problem is and what can be done...Pete goes over the cost and will do only what he thinks is the problem....I got mine done and will continue to go back for a couple other things that need to be done. Thanks Pete and all employees that work there...

5 Yingling's Auto Service 5/18/2017

Very proffesional, friendly service. Price was exactly as quoted and job was done within specified time. 3 year/36,000 mile warranty a big plus. All this, and they gave me a ride home and back. Really felt well taken care of.

5 Yingling's Auto Service 5/1/2017